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The African Vegan Art is inspired by traditional African textiles dyeing and weaving techniques such as Kuba, Barkcloth and Bogolanfini one of Africa's most unusual and unique traditional textile arts.

The motifs are usually abstract representations of everyday objects that give rise to proverbs, songs and representations of historical events. In the workshop, participants learn and engage with this historical textile dyeing technique to create unique textiles for themselves.

Participants learn about the history and origin of African Textile Art and its influence on the western world.

This cultural exposure is an opportunity for the instructor Arlette Ngung to help change the narrative of what it means to create valuable African Textile Art and showcase its influence throughout the world.

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Our Workshops

African Vegan Art

African Vegan Art textile workshop series are inspired by the Bogolanfini (Mud cloth art) one of Africa’s most unusual and unique textile art originated from Mali, West Africa. Together, we travel back in time to learn and experience textile painting techniques. We combine old and new approaches to create personalized and unique pieces.

Upcycling with fabric Collage

Having a low impact on the environment for a more sustainable Art by painting with fabric, using hand free cutting with a no template approach. 

Playing with fabrics instead of paper, using natural dyes instead of images to create storytelling and memories by upcycling fabrics found around the house.

Zen Crochet

Our Zen Crochet workshop is a meditative and calming activity helping to keep and maintain cognitive abilities, and improve mathematic skills in kids while exercising motor coordination.

Participants learn about patience and the handling of the needles, or the tension of the pattern.

A fun activity that reduces stress and anxiety, while providing a sense of peace and well being.

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