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Arlette Ngung


Arlette is a Textile Artist Educator and Pattern maker inspired by tradition and sustainability, weaving together old and new practices.

Devoted to the preservation and reinterpretation of traditional African Textile and natural dyeing techniques, one of her main passions is protecting and sharing the historical heritage of African Art from which much of her inspiration is drawn.

Her background plays a huge role in her work — from the colourful prints and cultural history of Eastern and Central Africa, Arlette uses a visual literacy approach with textiles as a medium to tell stories, explore the world and inspire societal change.

Arlette was profiled for her vegan approach to art workshops in interviews with CBC Radio Canada and was featured in Selvedge Magazine UK publication.

Her credentials include a degree in Fashion Design/Patternmaking from the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York, USA - a Certificate in Computer Aided Design from Formamod, Paris, FRANCE and a Certificate in Artist Educator Professional Development Program from York University, Toronto, CANADA

Arlette is the grant recipient of:

  • Ontario Arts Council - Craft Projects, October 2021

  • Toronto Arts Council - Project Black Arts, December 2021

  • Toronto Arts Council - Animating Historic Sites, Gibson House, October 2021

  • Toronto Arts Council -  Artist in Library, December 2020

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