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African Vegan Art

in the Community

Partnering with community centres as a recreational program and with hospitals as a relaxing activity to help restore a sense of normalcy in healthcare, making it more accessible to patients who can feel marginalized.


La Maison 
Shelter for Women

provides a safe environment for Francophone women in all their diversity, with or without children, struggling with conjugal and family violence in order to support them in the recovery of their autonomy. La Maison is also involved in social strategies aimed at reducing the vulnerability of women and asserting their rights.


"Nous étions toutes émerveillées ... les dames aimeraient apprendre à teindre des pièces plus grandes comme les draps et nappes". B


Community Centre

Ellesmere Community Centre is a multipurpose facility featuring year-round programming for all ages and abilities.


Working Women
Community Centre

” Thanks Arlette. All of our clients are so excited with the final outcomes. I am really grateful to Marnie for connecting us and giving our clients this great opportunity” Z.D

“ Thanks for everything, you are very good teacher. Thank you so much “ R. N

” I really enjoyed your class and learned a lot from you. Thank you for your time and hope to attend your future classes. ” M. N

” Arlette is a kind, confident, and generous program leader. I enjoyed each session and learned a lot about different natural dyes... ”V.L


Schools Collaborations

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