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African Vegan Art

in Museums

About Arlette latest collaboration 

at the Gibson House Museum


Connecting Through Our Diversity is an enliven textile installation entirely made with silk fabric, recognizing the complex colonial legacy of historical museums and institutions. Through the use of traditional African textiles, natural dye techniques and earth pigments, Textile artist Arlette Ngung revisits the role and participation of women, indigenous communities, black abolitionist women and various diasporas in the construction of collective memories and stories.


An exhibition made entirely with silk fabric using several printing techniques to create Textile depth patterns colours imagery prints transfer.

African Vegan Art

in Schools

Partnering with local English/French schools as classes complement and expand existing art programs.

As the instructor and facilitator of discussion, Arlette Ngung creates art for education and social change through her textile workshops. She uses a cultural relevant approach of multi-arts modalities with a simple pedagogy to express creatively. 


" Arlette,

Thank you for taking the time to teach us something new! The students had a great time learning to dye fabric!" Angela

African Vegan Art

in Community Centers

Partnering with community centres as a recreational program and with hospitals as a relaxing activity to help restore a sense of normalcy in healthcare, making it more accessible to patients who can feel marginalized.


“ What amazing work!!! Thanks Arlette for all of your support for this program” M.K

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