African Vegan Art


As the instructor and facilitator of discussion, Arlette Ngung creates art for education and social change through her textile workshops. She uses a cultural relevant approach of multi-arts modalities with a simple pedagogy to express creatively.

Creating educational, recreational and cultural programs. 


University of Toronto

Culture Week 2022

Join us as we explore the intricacies of culture and opportunities for global engagement at University of Toronto Scarborough and beyond.



" Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us this week! The feedback that witnessed in the chat and that we're receiving has been overwhelmingly positive." E. C

" Arlette is a great facilitator and taught us lot about textile art" Participant

Malaika School
in Lubumbashi

Part of what makes Malaika so unique for our students is the fact that we’re not offering only a basic education, but one that holistically offers our girls a gamut of exposure. 

We love when skilled individuals or those passionate about their field want to share their knowledge and talent with our girls. Recently, our students enjoyed a wrap-dying workshop facilitated by Arlette Ngung! This artistic young woman sent supplies and gave instructions to the girls for this creative venture. 

Art is an integral part of a well-balanced education, and we’re so grateful to Arlette for her time and for making this fun project happen!

" Great work! Unbelievable! I always wonder the way these pattern are realized. Thank you very much" Rebecca K

"Merci pour avoir donner le sourire a nos filles" Rebecca K


Toronto Catholic District School Board

" Arlette,

Thank you for taking the time to teach us something new! The students had a great time learning to dye fabric!" Angela


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