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Hi, I’m Emily

Sharing my passion with others makes me happy”

I create Art for educational and social change.

I use inclusive Arts modalities regardless of participants abilities, learning skills and background in my workshops to create unique pieces.

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  • Discover, learn and be inspired

  • Recycle and create

  • Well being & Self- care

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African Vegan Art


“ What amazing work!!! Thanks Arlette for all of your support for this program” M.K

” Thanks Arlette. All of our clients are so excited with the final outcomes. I am really grateful to Marnie for connecting us and giving our clients this great opportunity” Z.D

” I really enjoyed your class and learned a lot from you. Thank you for your time and hope to attend your future classes. ” M.N

” Arlette is a kind, confident, and generous program leader. I enjoyed each session and learned a lot about different natural dyes... ”V.L

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